Engineered for Business at Scale

Your company needs its own environment, but your board expects efficiency. Select one of our recommended layouts for teams of 20-250, and get the best of both worlds.

Optimized for Focus

Prioritizing natural light and power access, workstations maximize productivity, minimize distraction, and enable quality ROI.

Amenities All Your Own

With private reception, conference rooms, executive offices, phone booths, and pantries, enjoy exclusive access for a cohesive employee experience

Meeting Essentials 2.0

Equipped with high-end A/V and options for acoustic treatment, your private conference rooms will be future-state-of-the-art.


Choose Layout

Select from various layout options that have proven results for companies of your size and locale.

Personalize Details

Upgrade technical gear based on your needs, and integrate your branding into art and signage.

Move in Swiftly

Thanks to a streamlined design and build process, you’ll waste no time getting up and running.


No Upfront Costs

Invest zero capital in office space that’s still tailored to your company’s needs.

Greater Flexibility

Stay agile as you grow, with just a two-year minimum on member agreements. Expand or contract as your business changes.

Global Network

Leverage our international business community for your partnership opportunities

One Point of Contact

Reduce operational headaches with consolidated support for cleaning, maintenance, IT, utilities, and more.

Member benefits and discounts

As a CubeWork member you get exclusive offers and pricing on business services like shipping and lifestyle perks like gym memberships.

Prices & Availability

Get a price range for your location and the number of desks you need.

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Standard Private Office

Get down to business fast with move-in ready private offices to accommodate teams of all sizes.

Custom Buildout

Take the space you need—from a full floor to an entire building—and we’ll transform it to meet your needs. We can build any space you imagine, from music studios to showrooms.