Your Space, Your People

Your company needs not just its own environment, but its own experience. Establish your independence with CubeWork entirely behind-the-scenes.

White-Label Locations

We've sourced standalone floors in unique buildings in high demand locations to give you the space you need.

Configurable Layouts

Select from one of four designs optimized for different operating styles, whether you need an open bullpen or a row of executive suites.

Ultimate Autonomy

Unique in our offerings, Corporate by CubeWork branding and shared-member spaces, while your own lovely staff run day-to-day operations.


How it Works

Choose Neighborhood

Have your pick from our special portfolio of private-access locations in key markets.

Personalize Design

Select a style, infuse your branding, and equip with technical gear based on your needs.

Move in Swiftly

Thanks to a streamlined design process, you’ll waste no time getting up and running.

Cafe areas make guests and employees feel welcome as soon as they walk through your doors. They can be branded with your company’s logo, too.


Step Into the Future of Real Estate

No Upfront Costs

Invest zero capital in office space that’s still tailored to your company’s needs

Greater Flexibility

Stay agile as you grow, with just a two-year minimum on member agreements. Expand or contract as your business changes.

Global Network

Leverage our international business community for your partnership opportunities.

One Point of Contact

Reduce operational headaches with consolidated support for cleaning, maintenance, IT, utilities, and more.

Prices & Availability

Get a price range for your location and the number of desks you need.

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Not Quite Right?

Check out some of our other options with privacy in mind.

Standard Private Office

Get down to business fast with move-in ready private offices to accommodate teams of all sizes.

Office Suites

An upgraded private office with access to premium shared spaces and amenities. Includes your own meeting rooms, lounges, and executive offices dedicated to your team.